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Our Mission

To put the customer first

To see you within 10 minutes of your appointment or to keep you informed of any delays

To offer you a personal treatment coordinator to assist your treatment needs

Ensure your visit will be a relaxing and pleasant experience which will change your perception of a dental surgery

Treatment will be thoroughly explained to help you understand the need for treatment

The team at The Smile Clinic is a well trained, cohesive team dedicated to your care. Their extensive training ensures you benefit from the foundations of a friendly, helpful practice. Continuous training for the dentists and staff keep us on top of our profession. Meet the team

Why Choose Us?

  • Family based practice
  • State of the art technology
  • Friendly, understanding dentists
  • Welcoming, approachable staff
  • Unique personal treatment coordinator

Relaxed, modern surroundings with added extras such as LCD TV and a full range of cosmetic treatments to give a complete finish.

Our services

First Visit

On introduction to the practice, you will be welcomed by friendly reception staff who will be happy to help with any queries. After completing some simple forms you will be introduced to either your Dental Nurse, Treatment Coordinator, Oral Hygiene Nurse or other appropriate team member.

The Dentist

The dentist fully understands the anxiety a visit to the dentist creates. Although we pride ourselves as a practice which puts the patient first, we do appreciate that phobias can be pre-existing from encounters with other dentists. Everyone at The Smile Clinic will keep you fully informed of our findings, investigations and simply guide and advise you. The dentist will make every effort possible to make your experience a positive one.

Mrs Chariwala, B.D.S., is your principal treatment provider. Graduating in Liverpool, she has a specialist interest in cosmetic treatments. Born and bred in Bolton, she has a clear understanding of the needs of the community and brought to you by The Smile Clinic.

The associates are highly qualified and understanding. You will find communicating your concerns, anxiety and requests to be easy and satisfying.

Cosmetic Treatment

At The Smile Clinic we offer the full range of dental maintenance treatments. Ranging from simple fillings to thermo-fil root treatments and inceram custom-made veneers. Due to our extensive in-house range of expertise and commitment to continuous Professional Development we are able to offer you the latest in cosmetic dental treatments to help improve your smile, appearance and confidence! Dentistry now has the ability to give you improvements in your smile which will look natural and exquisite. your teeth can be straighter, whiter, gaps can be closed, missing teeth replaced and all our skills and all the latest materials and techniques can be employed to give you a complete facial make over. The majority of treatments will be available for you to discuss with your treatment coordinator wo will be able to show you examples and help you to make an informed decision. Our service to you goes beyond mere maintenance and into the world of enhancements.

Please feel free to contact us via email, telephone or in person. We will be happy to discuss a specifically tailored treatment plan to meet your personal needs. Don't forget to download The Smile Clinic's free and detailed information leaflets. Simply click on a selected treatment to learn more.

Same Day Emergency Appointments

Same day emergencies available. Please call between 9.00am and 9.30am

Out of hours emergency telephone

Please contact the practice for emergency contact details.